Lewis and Harris top island destination

By John MacLean, 19/02/2014:


Beating locations in Greece, Chile, Madagascar and Thailand, the Isle of Lewis and Harris has been voted the #1 island to visit in Europe and #5 in the world by users of the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor:

      A visit to Lewis and Harris is like stepping into the pages of a Scottish fairy tale. In Lewis—the northern part of the island—the legendary Callanish Standing Stones poke up from the ground like a strange and massive rock city. The Blackhouse, the Shawbost Norse Mill and Kiln, and the Carloway Broch all offer a peek at what island life used to look like. In southern Harris, the east side beaches boast some of the oldest known rocks in the world, dating back millions of years. Cruise over to the volcanic islands of St. Kilda to explore the ruins of a medieval village.