‘Buisneachd’ photography

By John MacLean, 07/11/11:


Two of the exhibition catalogue spreads of Moira MacLean’s exhibition ‘Buisneachd’ at An Lanntair, Stornoway. The rest can be viewed in the downloadable exhibition catalogue at the link below.

Installation photography
(PDF file, 6.6 MB, pages 9 to 24).


Moira MacLean            Moira MacLean





Woodlands Centre, Stornoway

By John MacLean, 21/10/11:


New framed photos are on display upstairs at the Woodlands Centre, Stornoway as of today (see below right): large prints of the coastline between Tolsta and Ness (near Diobadail); Upper Coll from the frozen loch on a winter afternoon; plus panoramic prints of Rhenigidale and Loch Maaruig, Harris.
Also several new mounted prints added to the stock downstairs.





Buisneachd, An Lanntair, Stornoway

By John MacLean, 05/10/11:


Editing lots of images today from Moira MacLean’s exhibition Buisneachd: Witchcraft, Sorcery, Enchantment showing at An Lanntair. Some of my finished photographs can be viewed in the downloadable exhibition catalogue at the link below.

Installation photography
(PDF file, 6.6 MB, pages 9 to 24).


Moira MacLean - Buisneachd - An Lanntair            Moira MacLean - Buisneachd - An Lanntair


Moira MacLean - Buisneachd - An Lanntair            Moira MacLean - Buisneachd - An Lanntair


The exhibition runs up to and into the supernaturally-themed Faclan Hebridean Book Festival at the end of October.

      The Outer Hebrides are saturated in tradition, custom and folklore, drawing on Irish (Gaelic) culture, Scandinavian (Viking) influence and all parts between. An island, a village, a house can be a crucible for beliefs and practices, where culture grows as on a Petri dish.

Moira Maclean is from Lewis and is an MFA graduate from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen. She has immersed herself in the past by ‘raiding’ the abandoned croft houses of the Islands to explore issues of dereliction, decay, transience and diaspora, notably from a female, domestic perspective.

‘Buisneachd’ focuses and assembles these ideas. It is about the home, the hearth, the earth and the ether. Rescued domestic detritus, mirrors, bibles, maternal paraphernalia, accretions of wallpaper and images of abandoned spaces insinuate unseen forces and malign influences.





New prints

By John MacLean, 01/10/11:


Sixteen new mounted prints have been added to the selection of ready-to-frame landscape photos available from The White House Gift Shop, Back, including beach and coastal scenes from Coll, Gress and Tolsta, Isle of Lewis.





Artwork copying

By John MacLean, 18/09/11:


Copying artwork for use in publications or to create files for printing high quality posters, postcards, etc. is a technically difficult task which needs great care to obtain the best results. John MacLean Photography offers a high quality digital copying service, creating print-ready files quickly to your specifications. This service is ideal for archiving your art work or for creating portfolio material.

JMP can photograph all kinds of artwork of any size: paintings, drawings, collages, carvings, sculpture, etc., either onsite or (preferably) in my own studio. Daylight-balanced professional studio lighting ensures consistently accurate, evenly lit copies of work. Works behind glass, e.g. framed paintings, can be photographed totally free of reflections, without having to unframe the work.

Please contact me for further details and to see examples of my work.





The Iolaire disaster, Beasts of Holm

By John MacLean, 30/08/11:


Beast of Holm, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis


Scotland Magazine used one of my images taken at the Beasts of Holm, Stornoway, for a feature on the Iolaire disaster of 1919.




Faclan Book Festival

By John MacLean, 23/08/11:


You might like to make a note in your diary for the upcoming Faclan Book Festival, themed on second sight and the supernatural: it’s happening 27th to 29th October at An Lanntair, Stornoway and other venues in Lewis, Harris, Uist, Benbecula and Barra.

Taking the theme of spirits a little further, the festival also includes a whisky tasting event and visit to Abhainn Dearg Distillery. Mmmm…

An Lanntair





Callanish quarry / fallen stone circle

By John MacLean, 09/08/11:


Well worth a visit, after seeing the main standing stone circles at and near Callanish, is the set of stones on the hills (often called Na Dromannan or Druim nan Eun) to the east of Callanish village (waterproof footwear advisable). This consists of a number of large stones, some broken, measuring up to 10 feet in length. Some of the packing stones used to erect them on the bedrock are still in place.


                                    Callanish, Isle of Lewis           Callanish, Isle of Lewis


The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) describes the stones as being part of a fallen circle and it is thought by some that this rocky exposed knoll was where the stones of the circles still standing today were quarried and prepared.

       Excavation of this stone circle involved the removal of a covering blanket of peat and revealed that the circle comprised an outer ring of seventeen stones and an inner ring of five. Though at least two of the stones are missing, all of them had fallen, having been quarried on site and no more than chocked upright with packing stones directly onto the bedrock. The packing stones, fallen monoliths, some of which are broken, and the outcrops from which they were quarried remain exposed. (RCAHMS, 2009)