Artwork copying

By John MacLean, 18/09/11:


Copying artwork for use in publications or to create files for printing high quality posters, postcards, etc. is a technically difficult task which needs great care to obtain the best results. John MacLean Photography offers a high quality digital copying service, creating print-ready files quickly to your specifications. This service is ideal for archiving your art work or for creating portfolio material.

JMP can photograph all kinds of artwork of any size: paintings, drawings, collages, carvings, sculpture, etc., either onsite or (preferably) in my own studio. Daylight-balanced professional studio lighting ensures consistently accurate, evenly lit copies of work. Works behind glass, e.g. framed paintings, can be photographed totally free of reflections, without having to unframe the work.

Please contact me for further details and to see examples of my work.