UV-blocking acrylic for archival picture framing

By John MacLean, 20/02/2023:


Archival quality framing by John MacLean Photography, Isle of Lewis


Now available for use in framing high-value work and items prone to fading, such as colour photographs and prints, is UV-blocking acrylic ‘glass’.

Blocking just over 99% of UV light while still retaining the highest optical clarity, acrylic is an excellent solution for increasing lightfastness dramatically and protecting work which could otherwise fade or discolour quickly behind ordinary glass. It is particularly good for protecting colour photographic prints, original illustrations from magazines and newspapers, posters, delicate artwork, medal displays, etc.

If you have important photographs, documents, or artwork in an old frame, the glass may be darkening or ‘blueing’ with age. Replacing it with UV-blocking acrylic will improve clarity and halt the progress of any fading or discolouring that may already have occurred.

The UV-blocking acrylic is totally optically clear, has no colour cast and can be used with all the framing materials and mouldings I normally use. There are cheaper acrylic glazings available, such as the styrene supplied in mass-market picture frames, but they are of poor optical quality, have a colour cast and do not possess UV-blocking properties. The higher quality acrylic, while protecting work from UV damage, also lets through slightly more light than ordinary picture glass, giving a brighter appearance to the photograph or artwork, while still providing maximum protection.

For further details, please contact me to discuss options for framing.