Drone photography at Scaliscro, Lewis

By John MacLean, November 2023


Afew downsized photos taken recently during the complete rebuild of Scaliscro Lodge, Isle of Lewis. These mid-stage photos were taken for one of the roof window suppliers.


Elevate Your Perspective with Drone Photography

Looking for a fresh perspective? John MacLean’s drone photography services can help you see the world from a whole new angle.

Drone photography allows capture of high-resolution images and videos from the sky, providing unique viewpoints of landscapes, properties, events and more. It’s perfect for real estate, construction, agriculture, tourism, and anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Safety is the top priority: John MacLean Photography, based by Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, has the legally required third-party liability insurance and all necessary pilot licences. The drones used are equipped with advanced features to ensure the best results, even in lower light.


For further details and information on availability for drone and ground-based photography of Hebridean properties large or small, please contact me on 07468 297727 or email me at john@johnmacleanphotography.com



Drone photography and filming

By John MacLean


Drone photography, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides




John MacLean Photography is a fully insured CAA-registered commercial drone photographer based just outside Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Applications for drone work include property photography, land inspections/aerial surveys, construction progress, landscape videography, overhead imagery of archaeological sites/works, imaging of otherwise inaccessible or unsafe areas, and many more. Shown here are some downsized sample drone photographs taken recently.


  • High resolution still images, supplied ready to use
  • 4K aerial filming
  • True overhead photography/filming
  • Photo library of high quality aerial images
  • 4K stock video footage
  • Excellent for marketing, advertising and property selling


I can work on drone/aerial photography and filming throughout the Hebrides. Drone photography is of course highly weather-dependent, so early booking is advised if you want work done in a certain timescale.


For further details and information on availability, please contact me on 07468 297727 or email me at john@johnmacleanphotography.com (please ‘phone or email me, rather than texting).